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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

While the diets and cook books posted on in-gender is the best one for gender swaying; some people find it hard to maintain.  The very next best diet (I think) to the one posted on ig is the French Gender diet(unless your ttc a boy and have high blood pressure; then do the alkaline diet).  This diet allows more food than the diet posted on in-gender.  Therefore, you have to be very strict even in the 2ww (no cheating ever!) The French diet can be done up two years without a breakAccording to the book you must be doing the diet for 2 1/2 months before ttc.  Now this book is in French; so if you can't read French don't bother buying it (if you can read French then do buy it!). HOWEVER, THERE is a English version!!  The French diet book looked at the original gender diet made in the united states and did there own experiments.  They use a much larger study group.  The following information has all be provided by Revedebleu.  She did the translation and dictation of the books; and has provided all the follow information: The name of the book is Choisissez Le Sexe de Votre Enfant: par la methode du regime alimentaire by Francoise Labro et Dr. Francois Papa

Boy Diet Recommendations
Main diet Foods Tea, coffee,fruit juice, bubbly drinks such as coca-cola. Wine, beer, and cider, Salted butter and ½ salted butter; All meats, All fish. These are more recommended: Dried fish and salted fish: Smoked fish: Canned fish: eggs can be used 1 to 2 times per week only . Pasta, rice, cornflakes regular bread, biscuits, cookies without milk, salted crackers Croissants, raisin bread,  cookies  All fresh vegetables, canned or frozen (except forbidden foods). All dried beans, All fruit, fruit juice 100%, dried fruit. Sugar, honey, Jelly, margarine without milk, olives, pickles, canned or boxed soups, bouillion cubes.There are certain foods that are to be eaten all the timeSalt everything, for lunch and dinner the main part is meat or fish.  You must drink 3 glasses of 100% fruit juice.  Also eat one fruit and one Banana every day.  Also once a day for a snack eat one of these: ham, bologna, dried sausages, jerky , smoked fish or canned fish.You must eat each week: Potatoes 3+ times, dried beans 2+ times: dried prunes, dried apricots, dried raisins, dried figs, dried dates 1 time per week,Only 1 salad max aloud per week; and use as much as you want of: mushrooms, olives, pickles and season things with bouillon cubes  Foods that are forbidden:All  milk, All mineral water .Cheese, unsalted butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, deserts with milk, cream based sauces, Shellfish, Shelled seafood Eggs as main dish. Whole wheat bread, bread with milk, unsalted bread, all bakery items with milk are not allowed, all creams pancakes, and waffles. All green salad all raw cabbage, spinach, dandelion Walnut, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds Cocoa, Chocolate, and Mustard.

You must consume the following every day for ttc a girl:You must eat this every day for ttc a girl ¼ gallon of milk and Two of the next: yogurt, cottage cheese, dessert products with milk such as  The following foods are authorized but follow limits:  Only 3 servings of Potatoes a week, only one Artichoke every 2 weeks, green beans, leeks, cucumber, green salad. Meat or fish-1 cup each day maximum Coffee must be very weak and only once a day in a small cup You can eat once a week aorange or lemon- Never use salt! Onions, garlic, pepper may be used to flavor foods.To maximize milk, use creamy sauces but don’t add salt. 
Authorized foods:
Milk, mineral water; 1 cup each day max: Beef, veal, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork and fish.  Eggs, milk (1/4th gallon a day), butter without salt, fresh cream, yogurts, cottage cheese, dairy deserts.  Salt free Bread cookies,  Rice cerial, pasta,  flour NON salted- hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, walnut; apples, pears, clementines, strawberries, raspberries. Pineapple, prune and peach: once a day Jellies, sugar, honey All vegetable oils, pepper, spices, and mustard without salt. Forbidden Foods: Salt FORBIDDEN/ NOT ALLOWED ON GIRL DIET: : Coffee, Tea, , hot chocolate, fresh juice, Carbonated beverages such as coca
cola, wine, beer, cider, liqueur bacon, ham, smoked, salted or dried meats, sausages, ready made meats.Breaded fish  smoked fish, dried fish, salted fish, fish in marinade, fish in cans, shrimp and shelled fish, caviar, snail, all cheese forbidden ordinary bread, pasteries with chocolate, raisins, whole wheat breads, ordinary cookies, croissants, brioches, store bought cookies, quiches, pizza, popcorn, Parsley, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower, sauerkraut, avocados, fennel, raw tomato, soy dried beans such as split peas, chickpeas, lentils, Apricots, dates, figues, rasins, prunes, coconut Pineapple, peaches, apricots, cherries, bananas, oranges, melon, fruit juices,  Chocolate-dark or milk chocolate, candy, licorice: Table salt, celery salt, bakers yeast, baking soda, olives, pickles, commercial bouillion, mayonaise, vinagrette dressings, tomato sauces (including ketchup), prepared meals (instant meals), salted butter or
margarine, certain medications (bubbling effervescent). These items are all forbidden.

Please note, this is a paraphrased version of the french diet.  it would be best to buy the book: