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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The most dangerous things for swaying

For all:
Do not go over any amount listed on a side of a bottle of medicine!  Drugs have a limit for a reason.  Going against what they advice can cause death. Even if I tell you to take more of something don't do it as I am probably making a stupid mistake because I am not a doctor.  In the end you are the one responsible for your own health. 
DO NOT DO HOME IUI.  Do not place anything into your uterus.  No tubes no matter what kits you find on the Internet.  The reason for this is you can cause great infection and death.  There are 3 parts to the vj (simplified).  The main area of the vj (where the penis goes), then the cervix (this dips down like a cone and has a hole in the middle leads a tunnel up into the uterus) and the uterus.  Where this post is talking about is inside the cervix (up in the tunnel) and into the uterus.
Do not take any supplements if you have a health condition (like thyroid or so on) read this

Too much water or to fast can lead to death
Too much copper will kill you.. NEVER TAKE MORE THAN 3mg A DAY (sometimes copper is found in multi vitamins)
You need to take one pill at a time.  If you take more than one it may get stuck near your esophagus and cause an esophagus ulcer. More info read this

**all other supplements have there risks and side effects posted in the FAQ forum.. these are just the most dangerous ones.  For a list of how much is to much.. please read the FAQ.. I put the max amount aloud there.
*If you ever experience a serious side effect caused by swaying please let us know right away so we may update this list.
For ttc a boy:
Alfalfa mixed with Black Cohosh.. for that mater black cohosh (or blue) is very dangerous.  taking alfalfa with Cohosh can cause your liver to die needing a donner or you die. 
Too much potassium (more than 5000mg total):  Taking to much potassium to fast can cause heart problems.. which can also lead to death.  But more likely an embarrassing er visit explaining to the er doc why your taking so much potassium and how it makes your heart have palpitations.  read this
Too much baking soda (more than six 1/2 tsp a day (which is 3tsp a day or  3696mg -note total will include Alika seltzer if you take that as well):  Can throw off electrolytes and lead to shock and even death
Too much caffeine can also kill you.  Please follow the directions on the bottle if you use caffeine pills. read this
Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen- Although not in FAQ, some are taking this for ttc a boy.  If so please note...If you are allergic to bees you cannot take it.  Also if you are an Asthmatic you need to becareful.  found here
For ttc a girl:
Too much calcium (more than 3000mg a day combined):  Can lead to kidney stones and other complications
Too much magnesium (more than 600mg combined):  Can lead to anxiety attacks and other complications
Too much Cranberry (this is individual as to how much is to much) :  Is a blood thinner and can not be mixed with prescription blood thinner.  Too much cranberry can also cause kidney stones and headaches.  If you are prone to Anemia cranberry can make it worse.  Please read this
Too much Licorice root (more than 1350mg):  Make sure to follow directions in ttc girl facts.  Risks found here
Saw Palmento- Can not be taken in the 2ww or when Pregnant can not be taken while breast feeding.  "It may have an additive effect if taken with anti-androgen drugs that reduce the levels of male sex hormones, such as finasteride (Prosca, Propecia) or flutamide (Eulexin). In theory, it could interfere with birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy in women." "saw palmetto can cause erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Also, if you have cholesterol problems, saw palmetto might not be the drug for you because it beta-sitosterol." read warnings
Douching- Real douching does have a risk for etopic pregnancy.  However you are not doing that kind of douching for swaying.  The hour before douche can not cause etopic.  The followup douche isn't a douche because it is only using 1-3ml of liquid and so will not cause etopic pg.  Do  not douche (use an entire douche bag) right after bd as this is what can cause etopic pg.  read this
Vitamin C:  2,000 to 5,000 mg per day can cause miscarriage
Aspertame:  Aspartame is the number one way to lower pH fast in cm however, aspartame is not safe for 2% of the people who are allergic to phenylketonurics.  there are websites that say aspartame is not safe for anyone, and some studies that back this up (most crunchy moms believe this); however as it stands now, the FDA says it is safe. The FDA is smarter than me.  Some people feel the FDA is paid off by chemical companies; whether this is founded or not is up to debate.  I do not want to debate. Bottom line, if you do not feel aspartame is safe do not use it.  However, till the FDA changes there stance the FAQ will not change because aspartame works so well for most people. There really isn't anything comparable to aspartame in lowering pH.  More info: