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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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The 7 factors of swaying

The 7 sway factors was a term I came up with in 2008.  If you read my previous post on how its all connected you will understand.  You can't just pick one factor over the other as you do not know which one is most important for you.  Therefore you need to sway with all 7 factors at 100%.  The seven factors are:
  1. pH- this means the pH caused by diet, hormones, ions, supplements and douches. A douches is not as good as changing your pH through oral methods.
  2. Minerals- You NEED to track your Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.  For ttc a girl and ttc a boy you have different targets to meet.  Minerals are first obtained through diet then supplements.
  3. Diet- It is very important to stick to the gender diet as posted in the FAQ forum on IG.  1000's of hours have gone into this diet.  It is more than just a swaying diet as it encompasses  all the studies (gender diet, pH, ions, minerals) into one diet.
  4. Hormones-  This is only controlled through supplements, diet and drinks.  Studies show that  hormones play a huge role is swaying
  5. supplements- I put this in the 7 sway factors because it backs up so many of the factors. 
  6. Timing-  Many studies say that Timing does not work.  However 3 newer studies say it may.  Because of the new studies I have left Timing in the sway factors.
  7. Ions-  Ions can effect the polarity of your egg and your pH.  Ions come from many different sources and some people are as effect by them as others. 
I almost made cm an 8th factor but decided to leave it out due to confusion.  If you get the 7 factors right then cm should fall into place.  If not cm is very important and needs to be right.  For ttc a boy you want ewcm and for ttc a girl you want creamy to dry cm.
Pre-ovulation tempatures and the effect on swaying
If you watch your temps for 4 cycles you will see 2 are the same range of temps,then one might be high and one might be low.  Those two that are the same are YOUR normal (no one has the same normal).  The cycle that is low is boy cycle due to hormones causing your temp to be low, the cycle that is high is your girl cycle due to hormones.  The only way to know how your cycle is doing is to know what your normal is. Temps are showing you how your hormones are responding. Also a warmer than normal cycle cause your pH to drop because heat lowers pH.  Just as a colder than normal cycle cause your pH to rise.  Yes, a boy can be conceived in girl zone and vice versa.  But it wont sway as well because your hormones aren't swaying well.  Remember, everything is linked together.
Deeper explanation of how food is chosen for the diets
Hormones:  studies find that when a man has certain hormones in his body he will have a certain gender.  No one really knows why, they just know it works
pH:  Studies find that when a mans pH is high or low it will sway for boy or girl.  the reason is because it helps to energize or weaken certain sperm
minerals:  Studies find that when calcium, potassium, sodium or magnesium are in the semen it can help certain sperm to capitate faster than others
ions: in food ions help with pH. certain foods and minerals have more + or - ions (ions only effect dh with food and minerals; moon does not effect it)
temp of food:  hot foods lower pH, cold foods raise pH

Each food is effected in some way by these things
 red meat will raise testosterone, slightly lower pH, give lots of potassium, sodium, some cal and mag has + ions and if eaten cold will raise pH
Potatoes:  will raise testosterone, raise pH, is a power house in potassium and sodium, has no cal some ma, is +ions and when eaten as a potato chip will raise pH

There are 3 main hormones when it comes to swaying (there are others as well for ttc but I'm not talking about those): Progesterone Estrogen and Testosterone. 
For ttc a girl you want:
Dw (darling wife) to have low estrogen, low testosterone, high progesterone (but not to high as it will delay O.
Dh (darling husband) to have low testosterone,and  high estrogen

For ttc a boy you want:
Dw to have high estrogen, high testosterone and low progesterone (not low in the 2ww however
Dh you want high testosterone, and low estrogen.

 There are supplements and drinks you can take to alter your hormones to sway for boy or girl.  These are listed in the FAQ section.  You also alter hormones by exercise (cardio girl, weights boy), and diet.
An interesting finding found in a Chinese study was that cycles have an average temp range.  Then, every now and they your pre-o temps will be higher than normal.  This would favor girl (means progesterone is higher).  Then every now and they your pre-O temps are lower than normal.  This would favor boy (means progesterone is low and estrogen is up).  So you will know your supplements are working if you can adjust your temps to either above or below your average for the gender you are ttc. I will go into a deeper explanation of this in another post
Those Crazy sperm
Here is info for sperm. 
Outside the body on a surface like a sink in a humid bathroom sperm can live up to 4 hours.  In an incubator at the perfect pH and temp they can live up to 48 hours.  In a glass container tucked into your bra they can live up to 24 hours.
In your vj the sperm swim into the cervix crypts.  In this crypts they can live in the perfect conditions (ewcm) at a max of 11 days (this is rare).  Average is 3-5 days.
Both x and y sperm have the same life span.  An 11 day old y sperm can live just as long as a 11 day old x sperm.
Now as for sperm speed, resilients, and size this is all debatable: 
Most scientist feel that x and y sperm have the same speed and resilients.  X sperm do have more dna and are slightly larger but this can not be seen on a scope- only micorsort can really tell the difference
Modified swim up scientist feel that y sperm are faster than x sperm and that x sperm swim in angles (which looks like circles on a scope).  They also feel that the 5% top swimmers are super x swimmers.

Seeking God for your plan
Many people ask me how to find a plan that is meant for them and how can God give it to you.  For me this isn't that complicated.  First off you need a personal relationship with Jesus.  Now this post isn't a preachy message for the "lost" rather an explanation how I found my plan.  See  I believe there is only one true God.  This God is full of love and compassion.  But there is a void between God and us; this void is sin.  Ya by now i have lost half of you because I sound  to much like 'church'.  Bear with me as I'm getting to the plan part..  In order for us to hear God clearly this void must be restored.  The only way to repair it is to accept the that we as a human race, as a person; are broken.  Face it, every where you look in the world you see bad people doing bad things.  Even good people aren't prefect.  But the great thing is that God has a fix to the communication break down!  Jesus!  He was on earth because God loves us so much that he HAD to fix our communication problems so we can see how much God loves us!  So the first step in finding Gods plan for you is having a direct line to God threw Jesus.  Jesus fixes this and all you have to do is ask Him.  Ask Him to over look and repair your brokenness; ask  Him to help you and that you are sorry for the things you do wrong and want to do right.  Ask Him to be the leader of your life and the planer of all things for you.  When you do this you can hear God directly.  He speaks in soft whispers and will guide you in your plan. See after dd2 came I started to dive deeply into the Bible to try and understand my plan. God TOLD me to go to the book of James (great book of the Bible by the way that talks about Faith).  Threw daily studding of these chapters God revealed to me my plan:  what supplements to take, what method to use; everything!  I have never heard God so clearly as I did while swaying for our son.  So there you go.. if you put your trust in God he WILL give you your plan one way or the other.