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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Having problems changing your pH?? blood type and diet

Ok I have been doing some research as to why some people's pH won't budge and why some do easily.  We all know about the alkaline diet and the alkaline food chart and the acidic food chart.  Eat off the alkaline food and you pH goes up; eat of the acidic and it goes down.  Well foods don't work for all people.  Like pineapple- it is acidic for some but alkaline for others?  Why is this?  Well there is a subgroup under the alkaline diet called the blood type diet.  This diet digs deeper for people who's pH isn't working as it should and shows what foods aren't working for them and what might work.  Here is a link to the blood type diet:
(if that link doesnt work try this one: )
Click on your blood type and you will see what food are alkaline for you and what ones are acidic for you.  Now with this diet, you must compare it to first the gender diet, then the alkaline diet and then the blood type diet- so this might be really tricky for some people.  Let me know if you need help.  Also for those ttc a boy here is a cheat sheet:
Type O's - Avoid apple juice, it's a stomach irritant for you.  Any dark red, blue or purple fruit is very alkalizing except for blackberries (don't know whysilly)  Pineapple juice is the best, most alkalizing juices for you.
Type A's - Avoid orange juice, it can irritate the stomach lining and cause an acidic reaction.  Grapefruit, pineapple, apricot, carrot, celery, are all very alkalizing for you.  Lemon water is recommended every day.
Type B's - Pineapple,  grape, and papaya juices are best choices.  You are able to tolerate almost all fruit and vegetable juices well but the above are the most alkalizing.  It says that you may have trouble digesting tomato juice, though.
Type AB's - Carrot, celery, grape, and papaya juices are best.  Pineapple and grapefruit are neutral and it says to avoid orange juice as it can irritate your stomach.  You should also drink lemon water every day