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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How does seasons, time of year, and the moon play a factor in swaying?

Positive ions favor boys  Negative ions favor girls
Spring has slightly more - than +
Summer has more - than +
Fall has slightly more + than -
Winter has more + than =

Full moon (from the day moon is full till day before new moon) has more +
New moon (from the day moon is new till day before full moon) has more -

So if you ttc in winter on a full moon this strongly favors boys.  Summer in new moon- strong girl.  Spring in full moon is more neural
NOT EVERYONE IS EFFECTED BY IONS IN THIS WAY!  You know if you are by your pH.  High pH favors boys and indicate egg is in polarity for y sperm.  Low pH  favors girls and indicates egg is in polarity for x sperm