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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok the reason o+12 works better than shettles is because you have more control of your pH till O.  With o+12 you only need to keep pH low for about a day of your attempt (yes you need low pH before but with shettles your pH could spike while sleeping and you would never know)
for O+12 you need opks, a BBT (thermometer), knowledge of your cervical mucus, and cervical position.  Also 3 practice cycles with charting of temps, opks, cp and cm would be helpful as well so you know on average when you O.
Ok you will get a +opk.. this means its time to watch your cm and cervix.  You cant take opks first thing in the morning because you always have Lh in the morning...
ok so you have +opk.. this means you may o in 8-48 hours.  Now start watching your cervix and cm.  When you O your cm will be ew (most people not me lol) and your cervix will be really really soft.  Don't worry about hight because that fluctuates with bms.  12 hours after you O your cervix will go from soft to hard and your cm will shift from ewcm to creamy or from creamy to dry.  If you do not have cm you go by your cervix texture. These 2 usually go hand in hand but if they don't go by cm.  You have from now (o+12) to o+20 (8 more hours) to do your attempt. 
Keep temping as this is the only way to really confirm O.  If you have been charing for 3 months you will know on average when you o because you will have marked on your chart (probably in the notes section) at what time the cm shift occurred then count back 12 hours and you know.
After your attempt you need to keep your pH low!!  Douche an hour before (if your pH is 5 or higher or if you have ewcm) and then after your attempt check every 1/2 hour to make sure your pH stays low!  If your pH jumps up then do 1-3ml of douche to re-lower it.  Some people an hour before do rephresh or replens (depending on pH) an hour before and have found pH will stay low till temp spike.  Others find it makes pH go higher.  4 hours after your attempt do a lime tampon and leave it in for 4 hour (thus hitting that o+20 mark).  Keep pH 4-4.5 (either with douche, or replens or rephresh) till your temp spikes and you have conformed O.