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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

VERY detailed explanation (and some what confusing) of Ions and why they work

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ok y sperm are positively charged, potassium is positively charged but make high pH, high pH cm is negatively charged, salt is positively charged but make high pH, you need a negatively charged egg to attract y sperm... So here is how it eat a ton of potassium and salt.. these get down on the molecular level into the cm.  Y sperm that are positively charged enter high pH (which makes them stronger), this low ions (high pH) attract them.  The potassium grabs onto them and pulls them along super fast.  See potassium gets into a mercurial level and forms chains, kind of like rail road tracks.  These chains pull only y sperm along at a faster rate... anyway... so the high pH low ions cm is causing the y sperm to move faster toward the egg and the potassium (high ions) is pulling them along as well.  Now when it reaches the egg the polarity will be right when you know your cm pH is high.  Then the negative egg  (egg has no pH but is surround by cm with high pH) attracts the y spermSomeone pointed out to me that high pH is filled with loads of negative ions.  Well this confused us because we thought positive ions favored ttc a boy.  Well I found the answer and wanted to share it with the rest of you...High pH means in the cm there is more negative Ions.  However, we already know that y sperm are attracted to negative ions.  And that opposite ions attract.  So when we expose ourselves to positive ions that makes the egg negative which causes the cm to have negative ions  thus a higher pH.   Then the y sperm are attracted to the egg and are energized by that high cm pH.  So to make a long story short:positive ions make the egg negativeCM reacts by becoming negative ions (negative ions means high pH)Y sperm love high pH (thats what they are) however they are attracted to negative ions.The egg is full of negative ions thus attracting the y sperm. On interesting side note.. if you search for urobiologics you will see that for a price they can tell you what you polarity cycle of your egg is.  However, while researching, I found one of there studies (that was well hidden and not on there website) explaining how they determining polarity cycle- with.... pH!!! LOL yup just pH.  They said that pH fluctuates and if your pH is high then your egg is in a boy cycle. One last thing. You can find positive and negative ions all around us in our environment.  Here is a website that tells you where to find them.. very helpful: