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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trying to conceive a boy? Read this!

The only thing that is 100% is PGD but we feel swaying can change the odds into our favor. Here you will find a lot of the information that is key for a good swaying attempt.  It is up to you to find the right ‘recipe’ or ‘path’ that will be your attempt for a son.  We are here to offer support, guidance and answer any questions you might have.  There are many things you can do to sway the odds and here is the information that we hope will be helpful to you.  The basic idea is that y sperm love a high pH from 8-9.9.  When exposed to this pH they will thrive.  Also y sperm love potassium and when potassium gets into the molecular level of cervical mucus it helps to ‘guide’ them to there destination faster than x sperm. Sperm count is highest when abstained from 2-6 days with day 4 being the highest and day 7 seeing a dramatic drop off (high sperm count favors y sperm.) Finally, although timing isn’t a proved theory, it is best to time bd near O if possible because this is when cm pH is the highest.  Ok here is the rest of the info:
Link to studies that support these theories
There are 7 Factors that make up swaying: pH, ions, minerals, diet, hormones, supplments and timeing.  You cant just count on one to work.  If you only do timeing that is only 1/7th of a sway.  Here is more info:  7 factors or here if that link doesnt work
-->--> -->
Boy diet-->-->
 There is some studies that suggest the food you eat can affect the gender outcome of your children.  So, for the boy diet I did a little comparison between the boy diet (studies show this favors boys), the Potassium diet (potassium favors y sperm), the alkaline diet (effects pH) and the testosterone diet (high testosterone favors boys).  You would try to eat off of this from one threw 4- One being the most important and 4 being the least.  When doing the boy diet you must be adding salt as much as possible.  However salt depletes the body of folic acid and your risk of miscarriage goes up when you don't have enough folic acid.  So PLEASE take folic acid supplements when you are on this diet.  Do not stop taking FA till you are in the 12 week of pg; then you can switch to your prenatal. If you have high blood pressure you should avoid the boy diet.  Rather concentrate on the alkaline diet while cutting out dairy

Boy cookbook:

Tier One (eat as often as you like) Here are the foods that are on all three diets with no calcium or very little calcium in them:
ice burger lettuce (all other lettuce has calcium)
Tomato's- all forms
Amsterdam carrots (formally known as baby carrots but now baby carrots are really real carrots with 30mg cal)V8

Here are the foods on  the boy diet and the potassium diet with little or no calcium in them:
Boy Diet Mineral Ranges (except for K+, these are ranges only for the diet, minerals are posted below):
Na++ (Sodium) 5000-6000 mg/ day
K+ (Potassium) 4,000-5,000 mg/day (this is a combined supplement/diet total.. NO MORE)
Ca (Calcium) 250-400 mg/day
Mg (Magnesium) 120-200 mg/day

Warning- to much potassium to fast can cause heart palpitations.  Be careful of this!  For salt use sea salt on everything

Tier Two (eat as much as you want as long as you watch minerals and stay within range)
Meat- most meat but not fish
Potato's - very high is potassium!
GelatinWhite rice
Watermelon (magnesium is found in the seeds- do not eat seeds

Tier Three (eat once a day)
Dates,  dried apricots, dried dates and dried figs. canned soups,
Tier Four (not to be eaten the week of o, other wise once a week max)
Testosterone diet: gelatinpeanuts, wheat>-->-->-->

*You can replace milk with Rice milk (with 2% calcium or less).  It is slightly acidic so if your pH is working then don't use.

*Plain Pasta is a neutral food.  It contains none of the minerals on any of the diets

*You can add more positive ions to meat by soaking in a salt brine first.

 A great website to help you track your potassium, salt, magnesium, and calcium intake is:

Having problems raising your pH?  Go here:
Other:  Make sure to think about mouth wash and tooth pasts as well as other things you may place in your mouth.  Always try to find tooth paste with the most sodium products (like baking soda tooth paste).  But remember baking soda tooth paste would go toward your total amount of bs aloud in a day
You dont take all the drinks.. but rather pick the one that works best for YOU

*Baking soda drink- (Each 1 teaspoon serving of pure BS =1232 mg sodium bicarbonate) One of the fastest ways to raise pH that has been discovered is baking soda drink.  It is very important to follow the direction on the box.  Do not take more than six 1/2 tsp a day (which is 3tsp a day or  3696mg). When baking soda is consumed it is a drug and you can over dose on it.  You must also make sure that the powder is completely dissolved because unresolved baking soda can cause ulcers.  You drink this from Af to O.  Here is a link to the baking soda website:  If you do this you must take Folic acid every day.

Appe Cidar Vinegar (acv) drink:  MAKE SURE IT HAS THE 'MOTHER' ATTACHED! drink 4 oz water, 2 T ACV, three times a day. Do not drink this in the morning as it lowers blood sugar which sways girl.  Start drinking it after lunch.

*Cream  of tartar drink.  Cream of tartar is pure potassium and when added to water it becomes easly absorbed by the body.  There is 495mg of potassium in 1 tsp of cot.  You can't have any more than 7 tsp a day.. you need to build up gradually.  Only side effect is diaherea if taken to much.  You can add one tsp of cot to 1/2 tsp bs and 4 oz of water- mix well and wait for fizzing to stop. Drink from af to O giving your body a break during the 2ww. .  If you do this you must take large amounts of Folic acid every day.

Lemon or lime water- Lemons and limes are acidic out of the body.  But once consumed they have a chemical reaction with the acidic in the stomach that make them super alkaline.  When ttc you want to drink 66-120+ oz of water a day, so why not make it lemon?  You can use any form of lemon (fresh or bottled) and you add enough till you can taste it.  Lemon is more alkaline than lime however; lemon has just a little less calcium than lime.

Potassium Drink: 
1 cup V8 2-6 heaped tbls. nutritional yeast flakes (start with smaller amount) Potassium- 800-1,800 mg. Protein- 8-24 grams
Gelatin drink:  Gelatin is a huge booster for testosterone.  You want pure Gelatin such as the kind made from Knox.  This has no sugar and is therefore not very acidic.  You drink or eat one package of Gelatin 3 times a day from af to O (or more if you want but to save money just from af to O).  For more info please read this:
All other drinks- Some recommend mineral water for ttc a boy.  This is ok as long as you can find one with no calcium or magnesium.  Caffeine can be consumed by the dh once a day- any more and it will drop sperm count.  DW can consume caffeine but remember that coffee is acidic and not to drink diet pop (diet pop is acidic).  Juices need to follow the boy diet making sure the fruit is listed as boy safe--> The following are great for ttc a boy: tomato juice ( very high Na and K, low Ca and Mg), Pineapple J, lemon j, and apple j.( about 10mg of Ca and Mg per 100g for all of them. *You can mix the cot and bs into one drink if you make sure not to go over the total amount aloud for the day.

The supplements

You dont take all the supplments.. but rather pick the one that works best for YOU
Supplements are to increase cervical mucus pH.  Studies show that high pH favors boy conceptions.  These are the supplements I have found.  The goal of the boy diet is to increase potassium in the cm and to change pH; the goal of supplements is to change pH and make EWCM.  Here are all the supplements that I have heard of for ttc a boy.  Granted there may be more. They key here is for you to find the right 'recipe' to make high pH with ewcm with potassium mixed in- this is the goal.
Remember.. it is better to take supplements in liquid form if you can find that because it is more easily absorbed by the body.  You should have a small meal / snack which contains some fat when taking your Vits and supplements.  You will absorb more from the supplements that way.  Your body will be releasing the enzymes to digest the food and it's vitamins and so will have the right enzymes about to get the most out of those expensive supplements

For the dw:
*Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)  1000mg total a day~ Increases cm and ewcm. Try to space it out by takeing 2-3 capsules per day from last day of period until ovulation--

Robitussum or (Guaifenesin tablets) 400mg~ Helps thin out cm.May be taken from last day of period until 3 days after ovulation. Take 2 tsp about 3 times per day-Mucinex over-the counter-->-->

Alka Selzter Gold~   Each serving of ASG (there are 2 tablets in a packet) = 2100 mg sodium bicarbonate.  (Do not take more than 3696mg a day).  ASG  raise pH and the gold gives you potassium
Green Tea 315mg~ Helps loosen cm and improves overall fertility. Drink 2-3 cups per day starting from last day of period. Can also be taken in the form of tablets, 2-3 tablets per-->-->

Potassium pills 99mg- Makes cm more alkaline add potassium to cm.  Only a little is absorbed with pills.  More is absorbed with diet.

Fertile-cm-  makes ewcm and is alkaline. Increase female testosterone, take 3 a day with 66+ oz of water.  Can be taken from af to af or if you want to save money from af to confirmed o-->-->

False unicorn 900mg (ewcm, alkaline)- (suppose to help regulate cycle after depo-provera shot)-->-->

E  400iu-Strengthens lining of egg and can enhance EWCM for some people

Fish Oil 1000 mg- (NOT Cod Liver Oil)  EWCM and makes cm more alkaline (please read dh supplments about fish oil for him down below)-->-->

Folic acid 2000 or more mcg –this is a must for ttc a boy.  strengthens egg and prevents miscarriage and is needed while on the boy diet To make sure you can absorb the most Folic Acid it needs to be taken when you won't consume any of the Boy Diet drinks that will limit its absorption.  Keep taking this till the 12 week of pg then ween yourself down to your prenatal.

Flaxseed Oil 1000mg -increase cm -->-->

Tribulus Terrestris - Can raise testosterone and estrogen. Should be the Bulgarian (45% saponins). Follow instructions on bottle for dosing.

 L-Arginine 500mg- makes ewcm and raises testrone. Not to be taken with fertile-cm as fcm has it in it already

Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen - DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE BEE ALERGIES!!  1tsp morning and night do not use a metal spoon to eat it do not dissolve in water, just stick it in your mouth and smash it with your tongue.  You can then swallow some water.  It is just quicker and easier this way and it most likely won't dissolve in the water anyway. Do not heat it at all.  The heat will destroy the effectiveness of it. This also takes around 3 months to work but I have seen it work in shorter amounts of time. This supplent will raise pH and make for a strong ovulation helping you to get pregenant.  Please read more here, here and here *contains fake estrogen- could lengthen your cycle.

For Dh:
Zinc (raises testostrone) 50mg -One a day no more

B-12 150mcg -Repairs sperm count if dh has caffeen on a daily bases (daily caffeen isn't recommended)

ginseng 500mg- raises testostrone

L-arginine 500mg- raises pH and sperm count

Vitamin E - 400iu raies sperm count

CoQ-10 cardio formula by GNC
. has been diccontuned so read this link and this- (it did raise testorone, pH and sperm count (dont take L-arginine with this one as it has it in it already) 

Folic acid 800mcg- This repairs DNA damage in sperm cells

Baking soda drink to raise pH*

Fish oil:  1000mg.  This will raise his pH and sperm count.  But here is the MOST IMPORTANT rule for dh.. you MUST buy mercury free certified fish oil (and not cod liver oil).  Because Mercury will sway for a girl

**Bs drink is better for dh at raise his pH then alfalfa because alfalfa has photoestrogens. 

Other supplments:
For prevention of mc these supplements  can be taken by the dw. Please note, some of these sway for girl  and can only be taken in the 2ww.  Please check the ttc girl faq for more info. These are listed here for helping to prevent mc for those who have a fear of mc.  Swaying does not cause miscarrage; these are just supplments to help if you have had a mc in the past.

Vitamin E-400 iui - this strengthens the outer shell of the egg and helps with implantation-->-->
Folic acid- 800-1000mcg this strengthens the inners part of the egg-->-->
Vitamin B12-150mcg makes folic acid work better (b6 also lengths luteal phase, if you take b6 and get a bfp don't stop suddenly, rather decrease it slowly)-->-->
Zinc -50mg-  this repairs any of the egg that may have been damaged and also helps with implantation-->-->
False unicorn-900mg- This helps the egg (don't know how), helps with implantation and helps to maintain a pregnancy.-->-->

--> Supplements for Cycles:-->
How to lengthen cycle:  Supplements containing phytoestorgens-->-->
How to lengthen luteal phase: Vitamin b 6-->-->
--> -->
The hardest part is trying to decide what to take.  I know for a fact that you can not mix Alfalfa with black cohosh so I don't even have that supplement on this list.  After O the only safe suppleness are Fertile-Cm, false unicorn, fish oil, vitamin E, folic acid and flaxseed oil.  Because the rest have been know to cause problems with miscarriage.-->-->
--> -->
--> -->
Optimal pH of cm should be
Optimal pH of dh semen should be-->-->
--> -->
Other tips:-->-->
Eggs whites is best for ttc a boy.  Others are also trying  soaking in one cup of Sea salt baths  (not epsom salt)or baking soda baths (if you do bs bath you need to count 3 baths in one day as one serving of bs orally as it gets absorbed) and cold showers.   This is all based on an environment theory that an Alkaline one produces boys.   Lemon water has a huge but gradual effect on female cm pH.  You should drink 66-100+oz a day of this.  Also Oing 3 times a day for a week is suppose to raise female pH. Finally some are using instead cups fpr 90 minutes after bd to hold the y sperm up there longer so they get a chance to swim. For ttc a boy you should avoid using the following products because they have been found to lower female testosterone (which favors boys)  Nail polish remove, Nail polish, and anything with Aerosols.
 For dh you need him to stay away from hot showers and baths.  He needs to not wear tight fighting underwear.  He also should try to get on the boy diet and he needs to raise his semen pH to a 9+.  He can raise pH with alfalfa or other ‘green’ supplements.  His pH can be changed quickly with these- he should take as much needed the day before bd to achieve high pH.  An hour before bd time he needs to consume caffeine.  Also if he rubs ice on the family jewels once a day this is rumored to help the y sperm along. Finally, sperm count is highest in the morning so try to time bd then. New info suggest that you want low blood sugar in the mornign sways girl and high blood sugar sways boys.  So eat your breakfast (cerical has carbs and rice crispies is aloud with o cal rice dream milk) in the morning.  Also cardio sways girl while weights sway boys.  Finally, warm things sway girl and cold things boy (effects pH and ions)
The Moon-->-->
There is no doubt that the moon can sometimes have and effect on gender if ones body responds to it.  Here is the scientific reason behind why this might be and how you can alter that effect if you need to.  The theory is that a different sperm have different ions.  Now when there is a full moon out it is scientific fact that there are positive ions in the air and we breathe it.  When there is a new moon out there are negative ions in the air and you inhaling that as well. The theory is that some peoples bodies react to these ions just like nature does (Google crops and moon, or fish and moon).  So when there is a full moon those positive ions cause your egg to have positive ions thus attracting the y sperm.  Now if you are O’ing in a new moon you need to try to counteract the effects of the negative ions.  You can do this with electrical equipment like an electric blanket, because machines running on electricity omit positive ions or you can buy products for magnate therapy (making sure to use the positive ions also called polar south).  (If you are reading this and are ttc a girl then you need to Google rock salt deionizers to counteract the effects of a full moon or use magnate therapy using negative ions- polar north)
Website full of good info on where to find positive ions:
Positive ions favor boys Negative ions favor girls Spring has slightly more - than + Summer has more - than + Fall has slightly more + than - Winter has more + than =
Full moon (from the day moon is full till day before new moon) has more + New moon (from the day moon is new till day before full moon) has more -
So if you ttc in winter on a full moon this strongly favors boys. Summer in new moon- strong girl. Spring in full moon is more neural
*note about seasons. If you are south of the Equator (like in Au) the seasons ions aren’t the same. Therefore only the temps will affect you, not the seasons, unless there is a solar flare.
**Special note on Solar flares. Solar flares are bursts of positive ions from the sun that hit the earth and cause the Northern lights. They last about 1-2 days but sway heavily for boy. There is a 12 year solar cycle where at the start of the cycle solar flares are rare and at the end of the cycle they are very common. This cycle can account for the spikes of certain genders in different years. Here is a link to a 3 day solar flare predictor Green means no solar flares, red means big solar flares. Yellow is small solar flares.
NOT EVERYONE IS AFFECTED BY IONS IN THIS WAY! You know if you are by your pH. High pH favors
Info on pH strips and retrieving cm
Digital pH testers are the best for testing pH. For more info see here: Then there are two pH strips you want to look for (if not buying digital).  Alkalive (also called pHion) and full range (also called universal).  These are found the cheapest on ebay (search pH strips then select lowest to highest price.)  Alkalive can measure between numbers like a 4.75 but can be hard to read so you need a back up.  The full range strips will only read one number- no between but they are very easy to read.  To see my review of pH strips go here:>-->  .  More info about digtital pH testers:

CM pH test strips are read in 15-20 minutes (but don't read it dry)
Semen pH test strips are read in 1 minute.  The reason for the difference is water content.
Digital pH tester is read right away

How to retrieve cm….TMI!!!  You reach up inside your V and with your finger you touch the cervix.  Then you hook your finger and pull out.  The cm on the tip of your finger is the one you want to test.  The cm closest to your cervix is the most alkaline and the cm on the edges of your v is acidic.  Wipe this on the pH strip (or on the digital pH tester wand) and wait for up to 10 minutes (no waiting for digital) depending on how much water is in your cm.  If your pH strip doesn’t change and you have tried several times to test pH; this means you have low ionic strength in your cm (which means you NEED a digtal pH tester).  Urion pH only tells you how you are doing with your diet and supplements that day- it does not help with swaying besides that.
To test dh pH you have him give a sample in a cup or a condom.  Then test that sample with pH strips right away (the longer semen sits out the higher the pH goes and you want to know his initial pH).
*helpful tip:  If you can not retrieve cm to test pH in this manner get a instead cup or diva cup.  Place it in vj for 30 minute-hour.  This will fill up with fresh cm that you can test easily

Also go to this website for more tips:>-->
What do all these abbreviations mean?!?!?-->-->
How to use an instead cup- there is a good cartoon video explaining it:-->-->
Baking Soda Douche-->-->
To help conceive a baby boy use an Alkaline Douche -->-->
  • Dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in one liter of warm water and mix. -->-->
  • Let the solution stand for approximately 10 minutes. -->-->
  • One hour before intercourse stir the solution again then insert some of the solution into the vagina (This can be done with a douche or a syringe ~ both available at pharmacies). -->-->
  • While inserted, empty the douche or syringe slowly and gently preferably while lying down to ensure maximum effect. -->-->
Baking Soda Finger-->-->
This is for women who can’t do baking soda douche because of susceptibility to infections, but still want to raise there pH before bd.  An hour before bd make sure your hands are clean and then you wet the tip of your finger (some say middle finger is easier) then dip it in baking soda.  Then, sit down on the toilet and insert your finger with the baking soda and pull out. If tested right away your cm should go from low to high (4.5 to 7-8) and stay that way for up to four hours.  You might be able to smell the baking soda, but it shouldn’t burn or hurt.  Big thing to remember is to make sure not to actually touch your cervix.  It has been said that it would burn pretty badly if you did.  -->-->
How to use egg whites or Pre-seed-->-->
Egg whites have the best sway over pre-seed.  So please if you want the very best sway choose egg whites with a pH of 9-9.9.  Please make sure you buy pasterized eggs (or you can pastrize them yourself)

Egg whites: Goal pH of egg whites is 9-9.9 and the fresher the egg the better the pH.
Normal pH of egg whites:-->-->
Pasteurized from real egg separated whites                                            8-10+
Pasteurized egg whites from box (with additives)                                   8-9
Powered egg whites                                                                              6.5
Farm fresh eggs- never refrigerated, non-pasteurized, separated            9-9.9-->-->
The pH of the egg whites is extremely important.  If your egg whites don't have a pH between 9-9.9 then you either need to lower the pH (if it is a 10) or use a different egg (if it is unpasteurized-then you can pasteurize it yourself)
Egg White Mix Recipe:
How to lower pH :-->-->
First check real EW pH.  If it is less than 10 then you don’t need to do this. ….Using a fork gently mix: a little preseed with your egg whties.  pH of this mixture should be 9.
How to raise pH:
2 weeks before attempt wash egg shells in soap and water.  Place in eggs either in a glass bowl or other non-plastic container and let them sit in there for a two weeks.
 Egg whites can provide a mucus-like environment which is sperm friendly. Take an egg out of the fridge set it on the counter for approximately 1 hour, so it can reach room temp. Before DTD, crack open the egg separate the yolk from the white then check pH of egg white; and then insert the room temperature white gently into your vagina. Worried about bacteria? Pasterize your eggs yourself!
This info found here:>-->

Pre-seed mix (this does not have as good of sway as ew.. please consider ew first)
Pre-seed has a pH of 7.  To ttc a boy you need at least a pH of 8.  To raise pH of pre-seed place pre-seed in a paper cup.  Then mix about 4 pinches of baking soda in with it by stirring.  The pre-seed might change colors to white but it still should have the same consistency.  Check pH of pre-seed to make sure it is an 8.  Suck up pre-seed with dropper and use as needed.

Finally there is a thread called ‘Extreme Gender Swaying' which takes swaying a step further into ‘at home sperm sorting’using  Modified Swim Up.  It can all be found here:
This would be the individual diets in order of importance but avoiding all calcium.-->-->
Here is the foods on the boy diet and the Alkaline diet.